Freitag, 22. April 2011

Sarte ein Held?

Jean Paul Sarte - der genialste Existentialist überhaupt!

The main consequence of our previous design is that man, condemned to be free, the weight of the entire world on his shoulders: he is responsible for the world, Novomatic games and for himself as a way of being. We take the word "responsibility"in his banal sense in front of "consciousness of the undoubted origin of an event or object to be" ... , As the worst evil or the worst dangers that threaten to make my person, have only my design sense, and they appear at the bottom of commitment, that's me. So it is nonsense to complain that nothing strange has decided what we feel, what we do or what we are. This way, no acceptance of responsibility is absolute: it is the mere logical Accept the consequences of our freedom. What happens to me, I met through me ...